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Our Story

Life Changing Seminars Are The Foundation Of Who We Are . . .

FSPTSP  is currently a 1-day seminar hosting in various cities, four times a year. We host these seminars outside of church settings, with the hope attendees will feel free to discuss concerns and issues that are either not spoken about in church, or not spoken in length in the traditional church setting. The atmosphere is conducive for the transparency and frank conversation needed for attendees to be comfortable and attentive, thus producing the drive to pursue their individual journey from pieces to PEACE.  We are often referred to as, "church without make-up"!

Latanja Ingram: Founder

Ms.Ingram was ordained 9 years ago and has yielded her service in the area of help. She is moved with compassion by those hurting from abuse, abandonment, lack of self-worth and the like. She desires to see women embrace the totality of who they were created to be and access all the help available to them. (Continue Below)


Our Seminars Reach Women Of All Walks Of Life


Latanja Ingram, a woman who is the perfect example of someone that lived a great portion of her life in soul pieces, which had erroneously shaped her views and ideas about life and the people in her life.  A pivotal point of change came one fall day in September of 1991 when she surrendered her will to the will of God. It is at that point, she began the journey to gather the shattered pieces of her fragmented soul in search of SOUL PEACE! That journey took her through highs and many...MANY lows.

A rollercoaster of emotions, bad relationships and unresolved personal issues were on a trajectory to scar her forever. These pending issues would influence every decision she would face and threatened to follow her children as well. Over a period of many years and through many tears, long-standing walls have come down, many layers of masks have come off and she is proudly embracing her identity! Gone are the days of uncontrolled anger, strong insecurity and loneliness that once consumed her. The possession of her SOUL PEACE has alleviated every area that was designed to destroy her.


We envision becoming the Premier empowerment organization reaching every woman who desires the help and hope they may need to enhance the quality of their life. By 2025 we will:


  • Expand our reach and resources

  • Partner with others in humanitarian help

  • Achieve financial ability and security

The mission of FSPTSP  is derived from 3 John 1:2, "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou may prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers".  We desire to accommodate every willing woman on her journey to maneuvering through this life with a WHOLE, HEALTHY, FLOURISHING soul.  It is our belief, when we master obtaining and flourishing from the posture of PEACE, we are better equipped to wholly function in the various positions we occupy, thus being effective.

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